Arch Linux

I am a developer of the Arch Linux distribution

I maintain the toolchain for Arch Linux (binutils, the gcc packages, glibc and linux-api-headers), its dependencies (cloog, gmp, isl, libmpc, mpfr), autotools and related packages (autoconf, automake, m4, libtool, pkg-config) and other standard development tools (bison, flex, make). See a complete list of packages I maintain here.

I also am one of the project leads for the development of the Pacman package manager.

Arch Development Links

PKGBUILDs not in the AUR


  • bigpkg – Finding packages that use a lot of space (BLOG)
  • rebuildlist – list packages needing rebuilt for a soname bump
  • rebuildorderattempt to find the order to build a list of packages