Posting (with) Drivel

It does not take long to realize that posting from within WordPress is not the most efficient process. For me, two posts was enough… So, the hunt was on to find a desktop application to post with.

Gnome Blog is in the Arch repos, but is a bit basic. The main feature missing for my purposes was the ability to add a category to posts.

A search in the AUR found Drivel. It has several useful features, including the ability to add a category to posts (however, only one per post and not tags), being able to edit recent posts and integrated spell-checking. Even better, its development is now being continued after a several year break.

2 thoughts on “Posting (with) Drivel

  1. If drivel proves unsatisfactory, you might try what I do: I post to wordpress using the embedded editor firefox plugin. It uses mozplugger to paste a vim instance in place of the text area. I had to do some tweaking on the text area size settings to make sure it was big enough for my vim, but it works nicely.