Brisbane Flooding

Thanks to everyone who has sent me messages enquiring how I am doing with all the flooding in Brisbane. I even got messages from people I do not think I have ever had any direct interaction with… As long as your stalking sticks to that level, I will remain only slightly concerned!

Fortunately, I live in the northern suburbs of Brisbane so I have not been directly affected by the flooding. The worst I have had to deal with was work being closed for a couple of days, the internet going down for two hours and the supermarket shelves being a bit bare…

In typical Brisbane fashion, even the statue of King Wally (a local living sporting legend) was prepared for the flooding. And the man himself proved he was worth it; stopping to help complete strangers bail water out of a house today. I think one of the heroes of the day is the person who paddled a canoe down the main streets of the city centre handing out cold beers to the people doing sandbagging. That is the sort of city Brisbane is.


Big dust storm in Brisbane today. Some reports have visibility down to 200m, but all I know is the CBD is no longer visible from my work, which normally only happens during the worst thunderstorms. Being inside does not stop the dust annoying your throat and eyes…

Not as exciting as in Sydney where the dust in combination with sunrise caused everything to turn red and Mars like.

Photo source: Brisbane Times

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This is why I had a bit of trouble getting home from work last night. My office and car was on one side of this flooding (about 300m in the photographer’s direction) and my house is very inconveniently on the other side…

Photo source: The Australian

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