A Glitch?

Walking to the bus stop from work today, I saw a ginger cat walk past some construction materials where building renovations are occurring. Then I looked away and when I looked back I saw the same thing again. That made me wonder if it was the same cat or a different cat. We all know:

A deja vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something.

That forced me to have a quick look to see if there was two cats. I could only see one, so that is a bit concerning. Then again, I did not want to seem like some weirdo breaking into a construction site to really check it out. I guess we will never really know… but it would be cool to know kung-fu.

One thought on “A Glitch?

  1. Ya know, only Brits and Aussies use the term “ginger”. I had to look it up in the last few months, that’s the only reason I know what it means