Undefeatable New Zealand!

Guess which team was the only one to be undefeated at the “Soccer” World Cup? That’s right… New Zealand!

(We did not win a game either but that is not the point.)

2 thoughts on “Undefeatable New Zealand!

  1. So Spain was doing it wrong?
    I guess that’s why they won The Sucker World Cup – suckers!

  2. OK, I know I’m a terrible pedant, but I just like language so go easy! There’s no such word as “undefeatable”. The best alternatives I can think of are unbeatable, invincible, unvanquishable or perhaps in this case, unvanquished!

    And yes, I’m from England, so mutter mutter football mutter mutter.

    P.S. I don’t actually follow football, but one likes to make an effort to appear involved…