Moving Hosting Providers

After struggling with my current provider and their unstable MySQL server for the past couple of months, the final straw was broken when the the posts table from my WordPress database became gone. So it is goodbye to 000webhost and your free hosting (hence not too much complaining from me…).

Given my total website requirements are modest – WordPress (PHP-4.3 and MySQL-4.1.2) and some file hosting – there is little point in me getting a VPS (and having to figure out how to set all that up!). So I am giving Laughing Squid a go. I figure you can not go too far wrong at $6 a month.

So now I just have to restore everything… These things always happen when you have critical deadlines for work, so this will take a few weeks. I have backups to restore from (although a couple of my recent blog posts are missing and require rescuing from the Google cache), so everything will be back eventually.

Edit: comments have been temporarily disabled to make my restore easier.

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