Allan Vs. Wild

No, I have not been dropped off in the middle of nowhere and made my way back to civilization by jumping into every river and exploring every cave I come across. But I have finished reading the “SAS Survival Handbook, Revised Edition: For Any Climate, in Any Situation”, which was generously bought for me off my Amazon Wishlist by an Arch Linux user.

Am I now prepared to survive in any climate and in any situation? Not really! The lists of safe and poisonous plants have merged together in my head, so that is not particularly helpful to any future survival endeavour. But, if I ever get stuck in the Arctic and manage to kill a polar bear, I now know not to eat its liver due to potentially dangerous levels of vitamin A. That seems an important factoid to store away…

2 thoughts on “Allan Vs. Wild

  1. Does it include survival tactics in the FOSS world?

    Coincidentaly, i noticed the other day Dan has the “Guerrilla Negotiating” book in his wishlist.