The [allanbrokeit] Repo (That Might Really Break Your System…)

I often package pre-releases of software that various developers post for testing before making a final release. I thought it would be good to put these in a repo where others can easily test them out too, as finding bugs before the main release saves me time later… Note that this software is pre-release and so you should expect it to have bugs, but I will generally stick to releases that the upstream developers consider ready for widespread testing and not alpha quality code. However, if you want to use this repo, you should be prepared to rescue your system from a bad package upgrade and to report your issues to the upstream developers (and not me…).

To use this repo, add this to your pacman.conf:

Server =$repo/$arch

The packages are built on top of [testing], so you should have that enabled too.

Note the repo is fully signed with my GPG key (get the full fingerprint from my About page), so when something breaks, you can be guaranteed that it is my package that caused the issue! More importantly, this serves as a bit of a test for the signature checking in the developmental version of pacman.

Currently, the only package in the repo is the beta of gawk-4.0.0. I will tend to only add packages that I deal with for Arch Linux (which is mainly packages in [core]), but if someone has a particular package that would be of interest then let me know and I will consider it.

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