Lawnmower Stolen!

Well… sort of…

The Brisbane City Council organizes a kerbside collection a couple of times a year for large items that you are unable to put in your rubbish bin. So given the dead state of my lawnmower, this seemed the ideal opportunity to get rid of it.

Now, one person’s garbage is someone else’s treasure… so quite a lot of stuff put on the side of the road is taken away before it is collected. While dragging the lawnmower up my driveway to the side of the road, the wheel I repaired fell off again (which is obviously no reflection on the quality of my workmanship). I guess someone saw the lawnmower and thought that was the only issue with it and took it. I think they will be in for a shock (potentially literally) when they plug it in later.

Keep an eye out for lawnmower related electrocutions in the Brisbane media over the next few days….

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