Interesting Links – December 2012

Final collection of links for the year…

Software related:

  • More posts on secure boot
  • i386 support was dropped from the Linux kernel, which immediately sparked a discussion about dropping it from GCC (glibc has not for a long time)
  • After several moths of discussion, eudev was officially announced
  • A new release of the GNU C Library was announced (and is in the Arch repos)
  • As was the release of LLVM 3.2
  • A summary of C 2011 standard implementation status and why GNU should allow it
  • The Wikipedia visual editor went live

Thinks happening in other Linux distributions:

  • The Linux Format comparison of Linux distribtions (mentioned a few months back) was made available on-line
  • But should OpenSUSE Tumbleweed have beaten Arch?
  • A stroy about the history of the HURD
  • Debian’s m86k port got some love
  • Chakra fixed the bug I found in their installer
  • A Manjaro demonstrated why automatically updating config files is bad – read the command they run for good entertainment value…

It was a month for some good rants:

  • RMS does not like Ubuntu’s spyware
  • But he is childish, or maybe not!
  • Anonymous bug reports are fun!
  • GnuTLS is moving away from GNU and the maintainer of sed and grep feels the same way
  • I am not sure if I understand what a Manjaro Linux release means

And because it is the end of the year:

  • We moved ever so slowly into the future

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