Interesting Links – November 2012

Software related:

  • Fedora 18 was delayed until next year
  • GNOME dropped fallback mode but the “old-style” GNOME look may appear via extensions
  • Another month, another udev fork – is this number three? This time is is done by people at Gentoo and is called udev-ng… no, its eudev. But is that fork any good? Some opinions
  • glibc-2.17 is in freeze and it looks like it will be a relatively easy update
  • A “new” package manager – Guix – which is just Nix with some Guile thrown on top…
  • A post about Upstart working in Debian – speed comparisons are the most interesting thing there
  • And while we are speaking of upstart, what does Lennart think?

And things that entertained me:

  • This song was stuck in my head…
  • Which lead me to some great ukulele playing (including weirdness such as this)
  • And that reminded me of a great comedy sketch

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