Interesting Links – April 2013

What’s that? It is now May and it has been for a few days… Better do this post then!

News from the world of distributions:

  • This relatively unknown distro got a release…. (Raring Ringtail)
  • Although there might be a lack of co-operation between them and Debian
  • Fedora 19 was slightly delayed.
  • openSUSE is doing lots of ARM stuff.
  • Debian Wheezy should be released soon
  • Sabayon is rolling out systemd.
  • What is the best distro? If you can access Linux Format, you will see… (Arch was runner up in the power-distro section.
  • And here is how to choose a distro that suites you… I got Arch even without demanding pacman, but Qubes OS and Slakel were close runners up. Never heard of them!
  • DragonFly BSD 3.4 was released using GCC-4.7.
  • An interesting addition of the /extra hierarchy by Chakra.

Software releases and news of interest:

  • A remote desktop backend was merged into Wayland
  • Speaking of Wayland, it got updated.
  • Google forks Webkit in a Blink (was my pun better than the articles?)
  • R-3.0.0 was released. Grab it from the Arch [testing] repo.
  • Chakra released Alpha 2 of the Akabei package manager
  • A project to set-up a lightweight KDE desktop.
  • GDB 7.6 added AArch64 support.
  • The Open Build Service 2.4 was released with supports PKGBUILDs… although I’m sure I posted it did before in one of these.
  • A talk about Glibc development.
  • Another attempt as SELinux on Arch
  • Clang is C++11 complete when 3.3 gets released.

And some fun stuff to finish:

  • The value of case badges. My laptop has an Apple logo, so that must really boost speed given the price it adds.
  • A simple game of 22 vs 11.
  • The revenge of the game developer.

6 thoughts on “Interesting Links – April 2013

  1. Hah, I hadn’t seen that distro chooser. I also got Arch without choosing a package manager, with Slackel and Debian in 2nd and 3rd. I’m a believer!

    • Intersting that I got arch too. But fedora is not even there in my list. Surprising!

  2. Article outdated, Debian Wheexy was released and Debia Jeesie begin with they development