Arch Linux Community on Gittip

A few months ago Dusty posted about creating an Arch Linux community on Gittip. For those that do not know what Gittip is, it is a way to make small donations weekly to “to people you love and are inspired by”. Due to his pushing for people to join up, this community is now “official” in Gittip land, which means it has 150 members.

I have joined up because I always need money to buy things that I otherwise would not. And I need to give a big thank you to those that have tipped me so far.

I’m not one to get carried away, but lets take a look at the last three weeks. I received $1, $2.25 and $4.25. If we fit a line through those, we get:

where, y is the amount tipped for week x (x = 1, 2, 3, …). [Aside: I would figure out how to do pretty formulas, but no-one wants much math in a blog post, or anywhere…]

Anyway, if we take that formula and look at my projected tips for the next while:

Now I can start extrapolating that at some stage in the next two years, I will be getting enough tips to quit my job and work on Arch full time. Also, before five years have past I will get $20,000 a week, which converts to ~$1,000,000 a year.

So this has been much more successful than I could have ever imagined! When I am bringing in the millions I will have a party for Arch Linux users in my luxury beach-side property.

6 thoughts on “Arch Linux Community on Gittip

  1. Have a look at the growth curve of bacterias. That’s more realistic :).
    Hint: you are in the log phase (and aren’t you Statistical Geneticist?)

  2. To say it in NSA-lang:
    Never trust a formular you didn’t manipulate yourself.