Interesting Links – September 2013

Lets list some links!

  • Linux From Scratch 7.4 is released
  • Fedora was announced ten years ago
  • Looking at binary differences between ScientificLinux and CentOS
  • The is a project trying to get fully reproducible builds in Fedora
  • FreeBSD moved away from GCC
  • The HURD saw some updates to celebrate 30 years of GNU
  • GNOME-3.10 was released
  • And GNOME Shell should do Wayland type stuff
  • An update about Wayland on Fedora
  • OpenZFS was announced
  • Binutils-2.24 has branched
  • SteamOS was announced
  • I found this discussion of using pip vs apt for managing python libraries interesting
  • Speaking of package managers, here is a new one (with poor mans PKGBUILDs)
  • Quickoffice is free for all!
  • Will openSUSE use BTRFS by default?
  • The GTK Broadway backend looks interesting
  • An interview with Manjaro people
  • libc++ has full C++11Y (draft) support
  • Bug trackers are where you file bug reports
  • Make YouTube buffer your videos when paused
  • Linus got grumpy again…
  • This patch caused some controversy

And some fun…

  • Get ~1000 people to play Super Mario Bros and watch the differences
  • I would enjoy some taps running beer

One thought on “Interesting Links – September 2013

  1. I found the Manjaro interview interesting. I’m not a dev nor would I ever pretend to be. My experience level is far below that of the average Arch linux user (if such a thing exists) and I’ll be the first to admit it, but I don’t find Arch complex nor do I find Arch non user friendly, and systemd is no excuse.

    What’s up with these guys?