Arch Bounty

Dusty recently introduced his Arch Bounty project. The basic idea is people have an idea of what they would like implemented in Arch Linux but are unable to implement it themselves. Instead, they craft a clearly worded specification for their proposal and submit it to the Arch Bounty site. Once the proposal is accepted, people can make a donation towards the completion of the project.

That seems a great idea for those who have big ideas without the know-how to implement them. And if many people want the same things, I can see quite a nice monetary motivator building up to get the job done. However, after several weeks, there is still a dearth of projects. Someone proposed creating a fully featured usenet client, but I think that is really too big of a project to succeed with this system (and the project was rejected from the system). And that is the sum total of all projects proposed so far…

Here are some ideas that I know people want implemented that would make good proposals:

  • Universal sign-in across Arch sites (forum, wiki, bug tracker, AUR)
  • Package signing in pacman
  • Finally finishing the AUR2 (may be a bit ambitious)

Those are just ideas from what I see repetitively asked for on the forums (and I could think of while typing this…). I am sure there are many other ideas out there that people want implemented and would be willing to put a couple of dollars towards.

2 thoughts on “Arch Bounty

  1. Yes, I second the package signing in Arch. Since the official packages server is throttled, every Archuser use a mirror, some “could” possibly have suspect origins or simply be hacked.
    While being fast and reliable, I always though pacman lacked security.