I Am On The Google+

I got around to signing up for a Google+ account today. That is a big step for someone who never had a Facebook (or Diaspora) account. But then I did not know what to do with it. There was just this circle staring at me saying “Friends: 0”. Great… Google even knows I have no friends! And if Google tells you something, then it must be true. So I deleted that circle out of spite.

One thing I did like was the ability to link my other email addresses to my account. I signed up using my Gmail account because I was already logged into Google when I clicked on the invite link. But I do not actually use that account for anything (it forwards to my Hotmail account – yes, seriously… so does my archlinux.org address). So I was slightly concerned that I would be stuck using an e-mail address that no-one knew about, which would make it difficult for my zero friends to find me. Turns out Facebook has this feature too, so no real win for Google+ there, but I am always pleasantly surprised when things have the features I want. This is the joy of constantly low expectations about the world.

Here goes my profile page. Feel free to add me. If I do not like you then you can go into my “People I have added to a circle be polite but really will ignore from here on out” circle and you will never know… (Actually, I have no circle by that name because there is a limit on circle name length.)

8 thoughts on “I Am On The Google+

  1. How come you guys were able to open a Google+ account?

      • Can you actually actually invite new people now? I’m still looking for an invitation… 🙂

          • Never mind, I’ve already got an invitation! If you want to invite new people, go to the main page and there should be a link (bottom of the right sidebar) giving you the possibility to invite new people via mail (at least I got that link, but it’s german so it won’t help you….)

  2. On Facebook I have a group called “Privacy Please” where the members have absolutely no access to anything on my profile except my name and my profile picture. No, really, not even the profile album.

    The closest thing to this on my Google Plus account is a group called “Acquaintances”. For some reason I feel less obligation to actually “circle back”, so I’m not sure I’m going to have to replicate the “Privacy Please” concept onto G+.