Interesting Links – January 2013

End of January already! Not sure where that month went…

Lets start with some distro news:

Software related:

  • If you are using MoinMoin for a wiki, you better update… It is rather critical!
  • More software nearing python-3 ready. This time django is close
  • Given how much is still using libjpeg-6, I’m not sure I’d be compressing JPEGs using this yet…
  • Bye bye systemd myths – and here goes the prize for best comment.
  • Another post in the “autotools mythbuster” series – the main “book” is worth a read too

And some collected commentary:

  • How to get involved at Gentoo – most applies to Arch too..
  • A quite good summary of what it means to be a rolling release
  • What is the best MAKEFLAG for your number of processors?
  • I’m always impressed by the ability to brick things just by booting!
  • A fix for a timing issue in the “-ck” kernel, discovered by an Arch user tying to compile glibc
  • Hrmm… which one is supossed to be the bad guy here?

4 thoughts on “Interesting Links – January 2013

  1. ArchBSD? “a lightweight and flexible BSD® distribution that tries to Keep It Simple.” Hmm.. I don’t want to start a flame war, but I think FreeBSD is already far more simple than any GNU/Linux, Arch included.

  2. Thanks Allan, I do enjoy this end of the month post of yours.

  3. And who is using libjpeg-7 or libjpeg-8 ??
    I not se none of them in practically all distros