Interesting Links – March 2013

And we come to the end of another month. And not surprisingly, more stuff happened…

Software news first:

  • There was lots and lots and lots and lots of talk about Mir – Ubuntu’s new anti-Wayland.
  • And if that was not enough, here are more comments from people on the issue
  • Speaking of Wayland, here is a summary of its progress in Arch land…
  • And how its support in GTK and GNOME is progressing
  • Wayland/Weston also have a new fork – for some reason
  • gcc-4.8 was released (get it from the Arch [testing] repo) and now builds in C++
  • ZFS is ready for use
  • GTK+-3.8 was released, closely followed by GNOME-3.8
  • The math library performance in glibc is getting continuous improvements
  • A new startup manager for KDE is in the works and it looks like it will speed up your login
  • ownCloud 5 was released
  • A summary of plans for libsystemd-bus and kdbus
  • The security features of RPM – I thought installed file validation would be in there…
  • Ever wondered how often assembly is used in the software carried by a distribution?
  • Finally, if you use PostgreSQL, be prepared for the 4th of April…

Various distro news:

  • openSUSE released an ARM64 port (although there is no hardware…)
  • Ubuntu also looked at rolling releases, but decided not to
  • Instead, they halved the support time of non-LTS releases
  • It seems Arch Linux is the best multimedia distribution (WTF!?)
  • How Fedora manages building for multiple architectures

And finally…

  • Want to go to Mars – on a permanent trip? Probably do it with a company with more than a handful of employees…

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