Pacman 4.1.0rc1

For those that are mildly adventurous, you can try the pre-release of the upcoming pacman-4.1. There are a handful of us who constantly run pacman from git so it should be fairly safe. All bugs found are to be reported to the bug tracker. (Only one issue found so far – in the rarely used pkgdelta script).

Download: i686 x86_64

I’ll make a post about all the new features when the final 4.1.0 release is made – hopefully before the end of the month.

11 thoughts on “Pacman 4.1.0rc1

  1. I love the colors but the db-name look so normal, maybe a blod white can help I think

    but Steel love how look now the color-ish

    bye bye pacman-color

  2. Sweet thing 🙂
    Especially the VCS Support.

    But I’m still wondering about the pkgver() function.
    Tried to fill it with the latest commit date and use a combination of grep and sed

    echo $(git log -1 –date=short | grep -Eo ‘[[:digit:]]{1,4}-[[:digit:]]{1,2}-[[:digit:]]{1,2}’ | sed -e “s|-||g”)
    (used for sed the delimeter /, | and #)

    on the command line this produces the output I want

    But in the PKGBuild with makepkg it fails, complaining about:
    sed: -e expression #1, char 25: unknown option to `s’
    which often is the case by wrong delimeters

      • I was puzzled to read your answer.
        Tried and tried again. Everytime it failed.

        Copied the pkgver section from the pacman-git package and see.. it worked.
        Added my long grep-sed command and it worked again.

        Running diff on the failing PKGBuild and a working one showed one whitespace in front of an tab-space.
        But what the issue is still unknown to me. I can copy from the failing package the pkgver() and that part will fail to update the pkgver. If I remove the lone space: Voila it works. Adding the space back and it still works. Kinda magic.

        But it’s most likely an “issue” on my side, so sorry for the noise 🙂

        One last question.
        Is using the output from
        $ git describe
        the prefered variante for the pkgver?