Interesting Links – May 2013

Guess what? May has finished… Well, it surprised me at least!

Linux distribution and software related links:

  • All binaries in Arch will move to /usr/bin in the next couple of days.
  • CinnArch turned into Antergos
  • But why do that when there is Debian?
  • And this tells you why you should not develop software for a single distribution.
  • Surprise! Do not believe what you see on Phoronix.
  • Hi LWN. When you say I posted in April, you should note it was last year
  • People still ranting against systemd. I hear there are alternatives
  • The 3.10 Linux kernel will tick less
  • Wayland has progressed enough to be on a live CD
  • GCC-4.8.1 has implemented all the major features of C++11 – which reminds me that I still have posts waiting in my C++11 series…
  • Some changes in the world of package management for Fedora
  • On the topic of package management, read about subslots in Gentoo
  • Interesting security issues in both the Linux kernel and Xorg this month.

And some other stuff…

  • is moving to pumpio. I’ll probably remove my account there soon anyway…
  • Here is a time-lapse of this xkcd epic.

8 thoughts on “Interesting Links – May 2013

  1. Xorg, kernel security problems
    Surprise, surprise!
    Found out this month that
    const int const *cy=0;
    is accepted in C but doesn’t do what it should do because in C you can write:
    const const const int *u=0;
    and then:
    int h=123;

    Correct would be:
    const int *const cy=0;

  2. Systemd is still taking some getting used to – especially if working with hundreds of servers running FreeBSD, Ubuntu, or CentOS. It is still clearly the better long term strategy. Fedora is using it too. 🙂

    P.S. Re the “April last year” page – the green items are difficult to read with the new theme. 😉

    • Thanks… still making adjustments to the theme, but things are getting there.

  3. Allan, I’m searching an old blog post of an Arch developer that contested FUD against systemd at time it was adopted by Arch. If you remember who wrote this will help me a lot. Thanks!