Interesting Links – June 2013

Not a lot of links this month – people must be getting progressively more boring! Or it could be I went on holiday for a week with NO INTERNET. Now you have recovered from that horror, time for some links:

  • Ubuntu is making progress with Mir
  • But Mir will not be used by either Kubuntu or Lubuntu
  • Speaking of X replacements, some more info about Wayland
  • The LAS did a one week Arch Challenge, as did someone else.
  • Reports vary about what the default browser will be in the next Ubuntu. Possibly Chromium?
  • Some cgroups changes will be happening in systemd
  • And some more answers to systemd concerns
  • LLVM 3.3 has full C++11 support, in contrast to gcc-4.8.1 that sort of did…
  • Some interesting decisions in the RHEL7 roadmap
  • A useful table detailing toolchain component compatibility for building cross compilers
  • And should I be concerned my Nexus 7 will slow down?

6 thoughts on “Interesting Links – June 2013

  1. Ok, no web for a week, but we want also lolling links like 22 versus 11 soccer match in Norway as so on 😉

      • Thank you!
        I take advantage to let you know I appreciate your work on Arch, it is my favourite distro and I hope you and other Arch people keep going on forever like you’ve done till now 🙂

        An Arch Linux fan from Italy

  2. No anime links t’is time?

    anyway, you thinks tha LLVM can replace GCC in a near (2-4-6 years) future??

    • No anime links… They tend to get rounded up at the end of the year.

      I doubt LLVM will replace GCC. Many of its advantages will likely disappear as it adds the additional optimizations that are in GCC.