Things I Learned About Crocodiles

While I was on holiday I learned something about crocodiles. They are very considerate and intelligent. Take this crocodile for example:


It does not want to endanger humans, so it hangs out under a sign telling people to keep away. Also, note the crocodile is looking slightly confused (it takes quite a bit of experience to read crocodile emotions, so you may miss it). A closer inspection of the sign tells us why. A warning written in German in Australia? A good query for a crocodile. But he obviously had not read about German tourists and their “success” at going near the water in the region.

While we are talking about warning signs in Tropical North Queensland, I have seen enough anime to know where this is heading…


One thought on “Things I Learned About Crocodiles

  1. It appears German tourists in Australia and crocodiles are similar in nature to Japanese tourists in the USA and the Grand Canyon. The difference being in Australia you get eaten, in the USA you fall into the Grand Canyon, either way the odds are in favor of the tourist dying.