Interesting Links – August 2013

Better do this months post on time!

  • Things I said were published in Linux Format magazine. (It cost $25 to buy in my local newsagent – better get an online copy!)
  • Android 4.3 can be run on x86
  • Linux kernel 3.10 is going to be longterm
  • So we will keep the unreviewed code in linux-3.11
  • Elementary OS “Luna” was released after a long road
  • Wayland is progressing nicely to replace X
  • Groklaw has closed its doors
  • Some interesting facts about Debian for its 20th birthday
  • And looks at some of the DebConf13 talks
  • An article about supporting both python 2 and 3 in one codebase
  • The Xorg foundation needs to keep up with its books
  • GNOME switched to using DuckDuckGo as their default search
  • Some redeeming for the New Zealand government. After passing the GSCB spying law, they ban software patents.

And for your amusement…

  • A brilliant demonstration of how to break wood

3 thoughts on “Interesting Links – August 2013

  1. A question; This wasn’t so early?
    I mean you can wait almost 2 days to cach more ‘Read material’

    • Surely any more material caught in the next couple of days would be in September’s post…

      • I forget complettly that for you is September, whrn for me rremain August