Interesting Links – July 2013

Oops… never posted this at the end of July. And there was so many links. You will get over it!

Distro and software news:

  • Fedora 19 is out and it appears they have the release process more under control these days.
  • Android 4.3 is out, and it saved my Nexus 7… maybe.
  • “Yet, it means Archlinux developers are in trouble.”
  • Videos from the GNU Tools Cauldron are available
  • These kinds of posts make the LKML worth reading!
  • Firefox seems to be moving to the front in terms of everything again.
  • Qt 5.1 was released with technology preview for Andriod and iOS platforms
  • Some details on what will happen with the KDE5 transition
  • Even though I read all the emails on this, the LWN article really helped me understand this lock elision thing in glibc
  • More responses to Debian’s systemd survey.
  • A new secure messaging client is on its way.
  • Emacs got its own package manager
  • LXDE-Qt and Razor are joining forces
  • Mir seems to be progressing nicely
  • There is now an unpacked Debian sources mirror
  • Talk about compilers in OpenBSD and the need for an LTS compiler.
  • And a story of a Fedorians trip into Archland. A bit of distro hopping is good for everyone.

And some other stuff…:

  • xkcd’s Time finished – here it is in youtube format
  • Also, if you do not read xkcd’s What If, I recommend you do. This one was good.
  • Making NES games run natively with LLVM
  • This is what Sonic the Hedgehog would look like in first person
  • And it seems like I offend everyone! (Requires being logged in)

2 thoughts on “Interesting Links – July 2013

  1. “Nice! I think I have found a new header for my website.”
    So I want watch that logo in this page (or almost a screen)

    So anyway, you thing that in any momment in the future Linux-Kernel can by compiller whit LLVM whitout need of patch.
    I’m not saying that they going to replace, I’m saying co-existance whitou major problems

  2. From the comments in “Archlinux developers are in trouble” link:
    Hussam Al-Tayeb wrote:
    I wouldn’t expect ArchLinux developers to contribute to upstream software. Most of them are just package maintainers with no background in software development. You can tell by how most bugs are closed with “go report it upstream”. There are some ArchLinux developers who can code software but they are simply busy.

    I don’t know how this guy could expect you to contribute to anything for fix bugs… I mean, I was pretty sure your job was to break things.