Interesting Links – October 2013

A bit late this month… Tough!

  • The SUSE team developed an AArch64 port for QEMU
  • Using XMir by default was abandoned at the last minute for Ubunutu 13.10, and here is some discussion the issues it has
  • The X.Org foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) again
  • Work has started on an embedded JIT for GCC , and some python bindings appeared.
  • Firefox is getting its own flash player
  • Google is offering rewards for security issue in a range of core free software.
  • The 3.0 linux kernel has had 100 patches released!
  • Debian Jessie has its freeze announced – for a years time…
  • Fedora is doing its usual slip in its release timeframe
  • Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) is out – somebody get the update to my Nexus 7…
  • Debian is choosing its next init system, which of course resulted in some back and forth
  • The beginnings of a rust frontend for gcc
  • Lots of compiler features coming for gcc and llvm
  • Surely automatic wordpress updates can only end in disaster!
  • Fedora are moving towards Python 3 as the default – sort of… (/usr/bin/python will stay python2)
  • Binutils and gdb moved to git
  • How to debug stack protector failures
  • Video of the kernel developer panel at LinuxCon + CloudOpen Europe 2013

And some space stuff I liked this month:

6 thoughts on “Interesting Links – October 2013

  1. * Last minute Update to Android 4.4, Goggle recommend use these new ones due to the disastrous bug
    * Grub migrates to git too

  2. You might be a year off regarding the debian freeze 🙂 Awesome links, as usual!

  3. Games ->
    * Donkey Kony Country Returns
    wow, Donkey Kony, that is new….