Interesting Links – November/December 2013

Joint post as I never got around to doing November’s one… That just means lots of links for you all this time!


  • Non-phoronix benchmarking of various compilers
  • XCFE is being trialled as the default desktop on Debian
  • A discussion about replacing Java from the default languages in GCC (that I can not remember going anywhere…)
  • It looks like LLVM will use some C++11 features in future development
  • A bunch of people from Linux Format started a new project – Linux Voice
  • SELinux is all about cats and dogs
  • Interesting post that details how Gentoo is organized.
  • The Go language has been around for four years
  • A essay on how Debian could improve packaging – I think it applies to many distros
  • Summary of upcoming features of GCC-4.9
  • Lint Mint was accused of being insecure, although countered (saying it is only is by default…)
  • I had never heard of KaOS – its PKGBUILDs make it look an Arch derivative
  • A project to automatically modernize your C++ code
  • openSUSE 13.1 was released
  • Mir is not reaching Ubuntu Desktop in the next release either
  • This is why updates to Android can take a while to reach your Nexus
  • Emacs is not yet a WYSIWYG word processor…
  • An idea for a Fedora Server project
  • Fedora will be adding-Werror=format-security” to their default CFLAGS


  • Binutils 2.24 was released
  • There is continuing talk about how trustworthy various manufacturers random numbers are
  • RHEL 7 Beta was released, apparently without i686 support
  • Ubuntu is forking more software – this time gnome-control-center
  • Steam machines were shipped and SteamOS 1.0 was released
  • A mammoth effort in reducing complier warnings in xorg-server
  • Can C++ error messages get even longer?
  • Fedora 20 and Debian 7.3 were released
  • And awesome way to obtain RSA keys from computer sounds
  • kdbus has passed another milestone
  • The Hawaii 0.2.0 desktop environment based on Qt and Wayland was released
  • The Linux kernel sources will no longer be supplied bzipped
  • The debate on init scripts for Debian is ongoing

And some fun stuff:

  • Creating the Simpsons in CSS
  • Solo from Sultans of Swink on the ukulele
  • The trailer for Kung Fury is so good that the first stage of their Kickstarter is funded!
  • And finally, a skill everyone should have… How to break an apple in half with your bare hands!

3 thoughts on “Interesting Links – November/December 2013

  1. Allan, how do you usually organize your links until you post them? I mean, do you use favorites from your browser, a simple .txt, what…?

  2. Regarding KaOS, my understanding is that one of the past devs of Chakra created it. That might be why it reminds you of Archlinux.