Interesting Links – January/February 2014

Well… I intended to be more organized and get these posted on time each month. Maybe next year.



  • glibc-2.19 was released and here is some of the improvements for developers
  • And apparently glibc is good code!
  • Debian had more votes about the init system, eventually deciding on systemd as the default
  • No decision was made on how strongly packages can depend on an init system
  • This will also result in Ubuntu switching to systemd too
  • gcc-4.9 has moved to release branch mode, looking towards and April release
  • An analysis of compiler hardening in Debian
  • Building the assembler as a shared library
  • Why inline PGP signatures are bad
  • Sometimes making a nice icon set is not enough…
  • Ubuntu is making their own file manager for Unity
  • MINIX can now run on ARM
  • Why you should not to travel back in time to kill Hitler

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