Interesting Links – March 2014

Only a couple of weeks late this time…

  • A longstanding bug was found in GnuTLS
  • Mozilla introduced a “new” JPEG library
  • Libreoffice now has “fresh” and “stable” releases
  • Python-3.4 was released
  • Android games can soon connect with iOS games
  • The Full Disclosure list was shut down, and resurrected
  • BBQLinux – yet another Arch derivative
  • How to add multiple versions of a function optimized for different architectures in GCC
  • Google Drive space became rather cheap
  • Facebook released wrap – a fast C and C++ preprocessor
  • Google is replacing GTK+ in their browser with a new toolkit
  • Musl libc 1.0 was released
  • The quest to compile the Linux kernel with LLVM is ongoing
  • The Linux Foundataion’s Introduction to Linux course is going to be free this “summer”
  • Apple open sourced their AArch64 backend for LLVM, so there is now two…
  • A new debugger allowing you to to replay your code multiple times
  • Why you should not rerelease software without changing the version number (it is really annoying…)
  • Take a browse of old MS-DOS and Work source code
  • Vote for NASA’s new spacesuit look

One thought on “Interesting Links – March 2014

  1. The NASA spacesuit votation is finished, maybe is beter put a nothe there??