Improvements on Manjaro Security Updates

I’ll give credit where it is due. I had previously criticized Manjaro for holding back all package updates as this ignored security issues. But it appears that Manjaro has a new security policy, which means that packages that are rated as “Critical” or “High” in the Arch Security Advisories get pushed through their “quality assurance” process more quickly.

7 thoughts on “Improvements on Manjaro Security Updates

  1. There is The Arch Way. An admirable ambition.

    But, to me, Arch is the way. Which is a different but complementary ambition for Arch to become the preeminent upstream distro which gives life to numerous other distros, changing the course of Linux.

    We all have much to benefit from Arch.

  2. Thanks for revisiting your stance, Allan, it is quite admirable. I was very concerned when the issue was brought up originally; my main OS is Arch, but I was looking for Manjaro to be a quick OS to install for friends and some of my work machines. This development is a massive plus for us all.

  3. If you’re going to give credit where it’s due, you have to give them credit for forgetting to upgrade their ssl certificate:

    > Enjoy the simplicity.