I Have Important Things To Say!

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Today’s Ctrl+Alt+Del comic has brought it all flooding back to me… I can accept that perhaps “after midnight” ends at sunrise the next day, but it never seemed biologically plausible that such an occurrence was so oddly specific to a given time. Do the Mogwai’s bodies have some internal clock that will detect midnight with great accuracy? Can it correct for daylight savings time? What if I feed the Mogwai in one timezone after 11pm and then take it across to the adjacent timezone where that feeding now occurred past midnight?

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Google News Image Failures

I have been noticing that sometimes Google fails at selecting an appropriate image for its news articles.

I know carrying and giving birth to twins is difficult, but even then…

That is not Miss Australia… (and yes I checked out the NSFW pictures and the were not all they were advertised to be).

The stress of the situation appears to have taken its toll on that teenage boy.

I’m fairly sure that “man in the middle” is Australia’s first female Prime Minister.

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Will McDonald’s Back Down?

Ever been to McDonald’s right after they stopped serving the breakfast menu and been really disappointed at their lack of flexibility in menu change timings? Nor have I… but I am told the conversation goes something like this:

   ”No sir, we can not give a hashbrown as we stopped serving breakfast about 15 seconds ago.”
   ”What about that leftover hashbrown sitting right there?”
   ”We stop serving breakfast at 10:30am. That hashbrown is dead to us.”

But do they make any exceptions? I think we may soon find out. Someone is in the process of threatening to blow themselves up in Brisbane, forcing a closure of part of the CBD including some ferry terminals. Apparently he has made a request for a Bacon and Egg McMuffin, which is a good choice as they have less fat content than the similar Sausage and Egg McMuffin. That and bacon is awesome. However, despite this request being made after the 10:30am cut-off for McDonald’s breakfast, the police are still trying to fulfill it.

Things just got interesting… If McDonald’s folds and provides the McMuffin then we have a baseline for how much pressure must be exerted before they serve breakfast after 10:30am. Then we just need to bisect the pressure scale to determine the “caving threshold” above which we can obtain post 10:30am McDonald’s breakfast. If McDonald’s does not provide the McMuffin, I suggest we do not escalate this further and just call an end to this highly scientific experiment.

Australian Election

This is a good summary of the build-up to the Australian election:

The world needs more animated news. For people unfamiliar with Australian politics, there is barely any exaggeration in that clip. Also, the Sex Party was actually a reasonably good choice if you look at their policies.

Not that I get to vote in any of this… I am proudly not an Australian citizen!

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Undefeatable New Zealand!

Guess which team was the only one to be undefeated at the “Soccer” World Cup? That’s right… New Zealand!

(We did not win a game either but that is not the point.)

How Do You Check E-mails?

Saw an infomercial for Australia’s biggest ISP (Telstra BigPond) today and learnt something amazing. The “expert” talking to the presenter said something like:

People do a lot of things on-line these days. Watching movies, checking emails, browsing…

I was a bit taken back… People use the internet for checking emails? I have been doing it wrong all these years!

Ebooks – Currently Unavailable Online?

I was shopping for a book online with a major book retailer today when I came across an interesting entry in my search results (screenshot). An ebook that is “Currently Unavailable Online”!

I struggle to explain such a thing… Do I need to go into the store to buy the ebook? If so, how would they give it to me? Or have they just run out of copies to let people download? This could all be some conspiracy by the Australian publishing mafia to maintain their stranglehold on book sales. Maybe the website had a monthly transfer quota and they were approaching their limit. People in Australia know all about how exorbitant excess internet usage fees can be.

Anyway, I am glad I already have that book in printed form. Otherwise I may have been forced to investigate further and who knows where such and investigation would have lead.